Prot Spec PVP

Note:  This article is unfortunately very old at this point.  Dual Wield/Devastate Spam PVP hasn’t been viable for a long time now =(


Never one to succumb to conformity, this is my effort at showing that prot spec can be a viable, if not successful pvp spec. My typical PVP style is dual wield, using The Decapitator and Fool’s Bane, mostly geared with arena and pvp armor, pushing almost 2000 attack power with Battle Shout and over 33% crit in berserker stance.

You should also be able to see all battleground and arena results here:

WarcraftRealms Recent Battleground Results

AV 080113AV 080103AB 080114AB 080114 2AB 080113AB 080113 2AB 080112AB 080113AB 080109AB 080107AB 080105AB 080105 2ab-080102-2.jpgab-080102.jpgAlterac Valley