Warlords of Draenor Beta: Hans’gar & Franzok – FATBOSS

So when Blizzard said they plan on doing more encounters with environmental effects being an important part of the fight (based on the feedback from Siegecrafter) we all slanted our heads wondering what they could possibly do. Apparently Hans’gar and Franzok is their answer and in all fairness… it’s an amazing encounter. Although at times we over exaggerate how good some of these encounters are when we’re fresh off testing but we’re lost for words for this one, it’s simply the best fight in the expansion so far.

Blackrock Foundry is located in Gorgrond and is scheduled to be released shortly after Highmaul to act as the second part of tier 17. If you liked the video please do drop us a like!

Please note that this video is a preview of the boss and potentially anything could change before this instance does hit live servers. As always expect an official FatbossTV raid guide within the first few days of this instance being released.

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