5.1 Raid Soloing – Level 90 Monk

Soloing Nefarian

The other night, I dipped into Molten Core with a 90 Pandaren Monk, having a great time soloing the place given the utterly laughable amount of health those Classic raid bosses have in comparison to today’s. However, Molten Core was the only raid instance in the game before 5.1 that you could get into without […]

Shaidy Advice: Heroic Wind Lord

wind lord meljarak

If you’re attempting this fight after working your way through Garalon I’m afraid you’re likely to be disappointed by its

Shaidy Advice: Heroic Garalon


We’re back from the holidays and this time, we’re learning how to kill the Big Bad Bug in the Heart

Shaidy Advice: PTR Normal Council of Elders 10m

The Council of Elders

I hope that despite being a preview of this encounter early on in it’s testing phase that this video is