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Heart of Fear: Wind Lord Mel’jarak

Perhaps you thought Ta’yak was the lord of wind when he swept you up and down his chamber, not so. Here Shaidar provides us all with a video guide for the true Wind Lord in the Heart of Fear, Mel’jarak

Shaidy Advice: Wind Lord Mel’jarak

This is a video guide to the 4th encounter in the Heart of Fear raid instance, Wind Lord Mel’jarak. Please

Heart of Fear: Garalon

Hopefully the following video guide will allow your raid to avoid being crushed by the third boss in the Heart of Fear, Garalon.

Heart of Fear: Blade Lord Ta’yak

This video is a guide to the second boss in the Heart of Fear, Blade Lord Ta’yak. Hopefully you’re able to use this guide to prevent your raid from being blown away by this particular bug.