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Five Common Tanking Mistakes

A guest post by Tracy For every good tank, there’s a bad one. You’d think by now the concept of tanking would be very familiar to WoW players, but unfortunately there are some people who are only capable of getting aggro from /party. So what’re five common mistakes to avoid? 1) Not paying attention. Seriously, […]

Heroic Mogu’shan Vaults: Feng the Accursed

I hope you are all prepared for the next installation of the advice being handed out for the next encounter. Shaidy goes over their tips for getting through this encounter. For help with The normal mode, you can check out our previous video guide. Heroic Feng the Accursed As always, you can watch our raids […]

Shaidy Advice: Heroic Feng the Accursed

In this video we are treated to the strategic stylings of Shaid as we cover the second fight in Heroic

Pandaria Level 90 Tanking Gems

Here we are again, a new expansion so time for a new set of gems! Here are the level 90 tanking gems for Mists of Pandaria! Gem set for survivability: Austere Primal Diamond – (+324STA/+2%Armor) – Meta Solid Serpent’s Eye – (+480STA) – Blue, Jewelcrafter Only Subtle Serpent’s Eye – (+480 Dodge) – Yellow, Jewelcrafter […]