Archives for October 2012

Shaidy Advice: How to Use SimulationCraft

One of the more advanced tools for improving as a dps player is the use and mastery of SimulationCraft. SimC, as we will now be referring to it by, is a program that simulates your character over many many fights in a effort to estimate it’s dps as well as figure out what can be […]

Shaidy Advice: Will of the Emperor

We finally have our guide to the last boss in normal mode Mogu’shan Vaults, Will of the Emperor. As always

Shaidy Advice: The Spirit Kings

Though late, hopefully many of you find this guide to The Spirit Kings normal mode in 10 man Mogu’shan Vaults

Shaidy Advice: The Basics of SimulationCraft

Here we’re taking a break from our Tier 14 Boss Guides to have a introductory look at a useful program