I’m a Warlock and, God Damn it, I’m Going to Tank!

The gearing for tanking is pretty straight forward. For trinkets, I recommend anything with Stamina. This tier I would go for the Jade Warlord Figurine and Lao-Chin’s Liquid Courage. You want to socket Stamina gems and find gear with Mastery. If you can get a second Tier 14 set to reforge and gem for tanking the 4 piece bonus is a great tanking cool down. If you’re doing for a Drain Life style of tanking grab haste after Mastery or if reforging for dodge, just reforge the stat other than mastery to dodge on all items.

With enchants you want to enchant with stamina if possible followed by mastery. For your meta I recommend, an Austere Primal Diamond. The gearing for Challenge Modes is much more complicated but we will cover that next time :)

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