I’m a Warlock and, God Damn it, I’m Going to Tank!

Glyph choice is much more encounter based. Minor glyphs are mostly cosmetic, I’d recommend Carrion Swarm if it’s an encounter where an AoE knock back would be frowned upon and Hand of Gul’dan if there’s an encounter where you’d like to be able to drop HoG in a specific location rather than centered on a target.

Major Glyphs are reduced down to two choices since one slot is obviously taken up by the Glyph of Demon Hunting. Currently Glyph of Demon Training increases the total armor of the Void Lord so if you’re running the Grimoire of Supremacy talent then you shouldn’t take this unless you plan on using the VL to actually tank rather than just be an extra health pool. There are 3 other real glyph options as a tank, Dark Soul I’d recommend for any fight where maintaining a constant level of damage reduction is better than having a larger CD. Siphon Life is not awful if you’re working on an encounter where there are multiple adds and/or you are able to take advantage of the healing though in general your EH will be higher due to the DS glyph than SL. Health Stone and Soul Consumptions are the last two glyph options and in general I’d recommend against them unless you’re killing lots of adds. My experience so far suggests that 20% instant heal is worth more to you and your healers than a 40% heal over 10 seconds. That being said I’m sure there will be encounters where a large hot like that will out weigh the instant heal.


This will be a fairly detailed section about the interaction of some of our abilities and I’m going to assume that the reader has a good grasp on warlock talents and mechanics though I’m happy to answer any questions that arise and are asked.

Soul Link (and how it’s an extra 1 min defensive CD):

The first is a detailed look at exactly how ridiculous Soul Link is right now and how that can be used and abused to no end in it’s current implementation. So rather than going into “mathy” specifics I’m going to just go over it’s general behavior and show how ridiculous it is. In it’s most basic incarnation it turns the health pools of you and your pet into a single large health pool that is the sum of the two. To do this it splits all damage and healing you or your pet receive between the two of you. Where it gets tricky is that all damage is divided in such a way that, based on your current health, that you and your pet would die at the same time from sustained damage. A basic example is that if you have 200k health remaining and your pet has 50k left, you take 4/5ths of the damage and your pet takes 1/5th. Heals, on the other hand, are split such that you and your pet would be healed to 100% health at the same time based on the amount of health you are currently missing. If I am at 200k/400k health and my pet is at 50k/100k health (these health pools are approximately how they are at 90) then I also receive 4/5ths of any heal either of us receive and he the remaining fifth. So with the health pools you effectively have a 500k HP lock tank, cool right?! Now to turn this into a survivability CD you just combine this with the fact that for 200 fury in DA you can instantly summon any of your demons out with 100% of their health. Let’s look at an extreme situation to see how this works. Let’s say we get hammered by something and it reduces both the lock and our pet to 10% health. That puts us at 40k health and the pet at 10k, as soon as this happens we summon out an instant pet at the full 100k health, now any damage we take is split such that we take 2/7ths of the damage and our pet takes 5/7ths of the damage BUT!!! any heals we receive go 100% to us since our pet is no longer missing any health!! Obviously all of this is only true until we get that heal and the percentages change but it’s pretty sweet on a 1 minute CD!

Soul Link and the double dip!: Soul Link is an amazing way to increase the effective HPS of your healers on a single tank. Since all heals are shared healers can each roll two HoTs (one on you and one on your pet) on a single health pool as well as the benefit of double ticks of any AoE heals on both you and your pet. This “bug” gets to unreasonable levels with a holy paladin healer. Normally a heal and it’s copied Beacon effect can’t apply to the same target, this is not so with a Soul Link lock tank.


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