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Shaidy Advice: Blade Lord Ta’yak

On to boss number two in the Heart of Fear raid instance, Blade Lord Ta’yak. Hopefully this guide “blows you

Shaidy Advice: Imperial Vizier Zor’lok

This video is a guide to the first boss in Heart of Fear 10m normal. As has come to be

Shaidy Advice: Warlock Tanking Intro

This is the first part in a series of videos that I am going to make exploring how far we

I’m a Warlock and, God Damn it, I’m Going to Tank!

Tank Hard – I’m a Warlock and, God Damn it, I’m going to Tank! NB: This realistic viability of progression raid level warlock tanks bit the dust with the removal of 6% crit reduction for locks and non-prot warriors, this change relegates lock “tanking” to lower level mobs or purely spell based bosses. This info […]