Mogu’shan Vaults – The Stone Guard Video

Below I give you the Shaidy Advice Guides to the first boss in Mogushan Vaults! This guide, as always, is a fairly unique style and assume you know the basics of the encounter. If you have suggestions or ways they might be more useful to you let me know!

The Stone Guard

As always, you can watch our raids live, Tues/Wed from 8-12 EST at

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  4. Seapaddler:

    I think it would be good to put in something, graphic or icon or zoom in on how you determine which one is on petrification. Having not been in there yet, I don’t know what to look for or what it looks like. How do you tell which one to taunt, does it have a big sign over it’s head saying I’m going to petrify you or what :)

  5. Shaid:

    There are two ways to determine which add is petrifying. The first is that there is a raid wide emote that goes out telling you which one. The other is by the color of the “filling in” of the petrification bar on your UI, the color corresponds to the color of the dog blue = cobalt, green =jade, etc.

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