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Help Wanted

HELP WANTED! We need a writer!  Send us a contact email through the contact form and let us know why you would be a good writer.  We are looking for a tankly writer, preferably someone able to write about all aspects of tanking, from raids, to gear, to theory crafting. Hit us up and let […]

Shaidy Advice, Tips, and Tricks for Leveling to 90

I hope that the information I’ve provided in the video below allows you to successfully gain those server first achievements. If you have any questions please feel free to ask questions in the comments! If for some reason you aren’t playing on launch day I’ll be powering to level 90 and streaming it all at […]

Mists of Pandaria Death Knight Talents

We come at last to the death knight, the final tanking class we’ll be covering for these updated talent trees. Let’s dive right in, shall we? The spec we’ll be looking at is based roughly on this one: At 15, we’re probably going to be taking Rolling Blood. While the other two talents could be useful […]