Mists of Pandaria Druid Talents

Continuing on our path of potential talent builds for Mists of Pandaria tanks, we come to the druids, those fearsome, fuzzy bear butts that we’ve come to know and love.

We’ll start with something that looks like this: http://mop.wowhead.com/mists-of-pandaria-talent-calculator#dyje

At 15, the most likely option is Wild Charge, with perhaps a small nod to Feline Swiftness. While that passive movement speed may be nice in a lot of situations, that sudden charge to an ally on a relatively short cooldown will probably be more useful to you as a tank.

At 30, despite its lengthy cooldown, the best option will be Renewal. While there might be some utility in a talent like Nature’s Swiftness, Renewal is just a flat out life-saving cooldown with the potential for a massive heal when you need it and shouldn’t be passed up.

At 45, we have a bit of a split decision but I’d recommend Typhoon, though Faerie Swarm is a decent contender as well. Typhoon was granted the edge because of its potential utility and ability to strike multiple targets but this one could really go either way.

At 60, we have another split decision. I leaned more toward Incarnation to provide that extra oomph when you need additional damage or threat as it allows you to spam your most efficient/strongest attacks for half a minute but Soul of the Forest might edge it out over much longer encounters. This one comes down more to personal preference and whether you prefer that bit of extra rage cushion throughout the fight or if you’d rather have that little 30 second boost when you want it.

At 75 we have a very lackluster decision. In the end, I went with Disorienting Roar but this one’s down to personal preference as well. None of these talents will help you with the larger, CC-immune targets so it’s going to come down to what you’d find more useful in a dungeon tanking setting. Disorienting Roar has the benefit affecting multiple targets and having the shortest cooldown of the three of them but choose whatever makes you happiest and run with it.

For our final choice at 90, I went with Nature’s Vigil but I can see a great argument for Heart of the Wild as well. Heart of the Wild allows you to be a little more flexible in your role about once every five minutes, increasing the efficacy of vital stats if you jump into cat form or use restoration spells without being specced for it. However, the thing about Nature’s Vigil is that it has the same cooldown as Incarnation, our level 60 talent, leading to a fantastic synergy between the two. Using both at the same time will make those little 30 second bursts, whether they’re at the start of a fight or during Heroism/Bloodlust, REALLY count.