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Mists of Pandaria Druid Talents

Continuing on our path of potential talent builds for Mists of Pandaria tanks, we come to the druids, those fearsome, fuzzy bear butts that we’ve come to know and love. We’ll start with something that looks like this: At 15, the most likely option is Wild Charge, with perhaps a small nod to Feline […]

Mists of Pandaria Paladin Talents

Taking a look at the upcoming talents for the Protection paladin, we come across some of the harder choices when it comes to talent selection. A lot of the talents serve a dual nature, reflecting the nature of the paladin class itself, to protect itself as well as its allies so some of these talents […]

Mists of Pandaria Warrior Talents

Jumping right into the warrior class, let’s take a look at what Mists of Pandaria will be doing to your talent tree. At the end of the day, subject to a little variations, a protection warrior’s talent specialization will probably look a little like this: Our first choice at 15 is between three mobility […]