I’m a Warlock, but I can Tank, if I Have to, I Guess.

As mentioned in the glyph description, Twilight Ward becomes Fury Ward, an absorb shield with a 10 second cool down that scales with spell power and costs 200 fury to use. Think of fury as a resource similar to a DKs Runic Power,  it’s generated from specific attacks and is spent to use most of your abilities, as compared to something like Rage which is generated by getting hit. The other base ability of note is Unending Resolve, this ability is a 12 second long, 3 minute CD 50% reduced damage CD, it’s very nice.

In addition to Fury Ward you have two (three) other primary fury dumps. The first is Immolation Aura, free to cast but a cost of 25 fury per second. This is nice for picking up any adds that wander into the area or simply dumping fury while you are off tanking (NB: unlimited range refers to the cast, the AoE pulse is the same as hellfire on live. Secondly you have Void Ray, not only will this refresh corruption on any target it hits it also hits for decent single target numbers as well as every other target in a line. The reason I mention a possible third ability is the use of Drain Life. Now as a base, warlocks don’t have any dodge, so the fact that you can’t dodge while channeling (last I checked) is only an issue when you start gemming/enchanting or gearing with dodge but with such low dodge values the survivability gain for the first few percentages are going to be important so I recommend against this in most cases. In the event you are needed to be used as an interrupt on a given fight, carrion swarm is also a 50 fury dump but has a 12 second CD or if you are the only tank you can bring “Weakened Blows” in the form or our Aura of Enfeeblement.

We’ve discussed fury spending but how is it generated? There are four main sources of fury when in DA.  The first is from your pet as your pet’s base attack ability generates fury, so make sure it’s always attacking. The fire bolts from your Wild Imps also generate fury but that’s really a fairly passive source as you have little control over it unless you choose to glyph it. The three spells in our own repertoire that generate fury are Demonic Slash, Corruption, and Hand of Gul’dan. When in DA, D. Slash has three charges, is on a one second global, and charges regenerate every 5 seconds modified by haste and generates 60 fury when used (currently it still generates fury even if it misses). Corruption is it’s same old self, costs mana while in DA and generates 6 fury every tick (3 second tick interval modified by haste).

The last spell is Hand of Gul’dan, which generates 2 fury per tick of the DoT effect has 2 charges and these charges regenerate every 15 seconds. The applied dot ticks once per second but it has a weird stacking mechanic (it appears that the damage gained through the SP coefficient is multiplied by the stack count but the base damage is not) so rather than maximize fury gain by making sure you get the full number of ticks out of every HoG cast you’re likely going to want to clip the last tick so that you have normal_ticks-1 ticks of a one stack HoG dot and then normal_ticks of a 2 stack HoG dot but I digress. These are your basic abilities there are a lot of other niche abilities and perhaps even a core one I’ve overlooked while writing this up but this is the general idea.

Talents and Glyphs:

Here is a link to the talent and glyph build I use on the beta right now, keep in mind that some of the things don’t do exactly as they say in the calculator and exact numbers are always being tuned. On the first tier it’s hard to argue that there’s a better choice for boss fights other than the 25% increased healing CD provided by Dark Regeneration as well as HoT.

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