Monk Brewmaster Talents

Okay, it’s been a few weeks since the Diablo 3 craze hit but I think it’s about time for some World of Warcrafty action.

So today we’re going to start taking a look at the newly revised talent trees for the various tanking classes but we’ll start with the monk Brewmaster and the choices available to them. Keep in mind too that these choices are made with PvE tanking situations in mind.

This is the build that I would recommend:!jX

The choice of Momentum at 15 is mainly due to considering the potentially greater uptime it will have over the others, providing you with more bang for your movement speed talent buck.

At 30, monks have the choice of 3 (generally) healing talents. Of them, I would suggest Zen Sphere, primarily due to the fact that of the three, it’s the only one that fcan be used as a self heal, which makes it helpful as an extra little bump to your survivability when you suddenly find yourself low.

At 45 are talents that increase our resource generation. I would suggest taking Chi Brew. While Power Strikes can be very useful for more resource over time, Chi Brew has the benefit of giving you a big bump in chi right when you need it most, which, as a tank, can be more helpful than a steady supply of resource over longer time.

At 60 are the supplemental crowd control talents and these largely come down to preference. I’ve selected Deadly Reach in this build as I generally find that when I need to instantly CC a mob going after a squishy, it’s usually just one mob that they’ve peeled off me but if you feel the need for the ability to stun a number of enemies in a line or an nova range aoe stun to help get yourself out of tight jams, that’s entirely your prerogative.

At 75 are the mitigation talents. Of the three, I would recommend against using Healing Elixir and leave the choice up to you based on preference or fight. I’ve selected Dampen Harm for this build as it more closely resembles an extra tanking cooldown, working on the next 3 attacks to do a big chunk of damage to you and reducing those. Diffuse Magic can be useful in certain situations as well but as it only works on spell damage and there’s no way you can guarantee that the hit that kills you WILL be magical in nature, I’d recommend going for the all-purpose fix of Dampen Harm instead.

At 90 we’re treated to our damaging talents and other than recommending against Chi Torpedo, the choice is up to you. Chi Torpedo can be decent because it lacks any inherent cooldown but the problem is that to activate it, you need to use your roll which has the danger of possibly screwing with your positioning while tanking which can be vital. Of the other two options, I’ve selected Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger for this bulid as it’s more of a fire and forget spell, enabling you to drop it during Heroism/Bloodlust and focus on what’s important but if you’d prefer to have that more constant damage of Rushing Jade Wind, that’s your call.