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I’m a Warlock, but I can Tank, if I Have to, I Guess.

Tank Hard – I’m a Warlock, but I can Tank, if I Have to, I Guess NB: This has all changed with the removal of the 6% crit reduction for locks and non-prot warriors, this change relegates lock “tanking” to low level mobs or purely spell based bosses. If you are reading this and would […]

Monk Brewmaster Talents

Okay, it’s been a few weeks since the Diablo 3 craze hit but I think it’s about time for some World of Warcrafty action. So today we’re going to start taking a look at the newly revised talent trees for the various tanking classes but we’ll start with the monk Brewmaster and the choices available […]

Life on hit Vs. Life regeneration

  Don’t worry, we’ll be returning to our regularly scheduled Warcraft related news in just a little bit.   As soon as this whole Diablo ‘craze’ dies down, we’ll all be back onto that World of Warcrack as we should be.   But for now, let’s talk about a pair of stats that are kind […]

Diablo 3 and Effective Health

Let’s talk about effective health. The trend for monks in Inferno so far is not to stack HP like the barbarian, but to stack their resists as high as humanly possible. As a result of this, it’s not uncommon to see more and more monks wandering around inferno with just 20k-25k HP, like their wizardly […]