Diablo 3 – Class Overview 1

Alright guys, I think that it’s time to stop ignoring the pink elephant standing in the corner of the room.

Yeah, that’s right, Diablo 3. It’s here, it’s out, and with Warcraft in a bit of a stable state while everyone awaits the release of Pandaria, we’re going to be hopping over to the other side of the pond and seeing what life is like in Tristram.

Today we’re going to be covering the feel of the various classes you can use to save the world with; not necessarily the way the skills and the abilities they have work, but more about the general feel of the class as a whole to maybe help you figure out what to run through the game with or to help you figure out what you want to try out as a secondary class.

We’ll take a look at the melee classes to start.

Right off the bat, you know that the melee classes will have skills that make it a little easier for them to take the odd bit of damage here and there. As they’re forced to get up close and personal to deal their damage, they tend to have slightly more effective ways to survive that damage.

From the start, the barbarian really feels like a powerhouse, with high profile, wide swings that look more than capable of clearing an entire group of monsters at once provided that they’re packed tightly together enough. Due to multiple ways to close gaps, either by dragging the enemy toward you or by jumping across to them, the barbarian feels speedy, despite his bulk and the way Rage works helps develop that mindset of moving quickly from fight to fight so as to have as much of it ready for the next fight as possible.

Though they are melee as well, monks truly feel different from the barbarian. While the barbarian feels powerful but a little messy with their impactful aoe attacks, monks tend to feel a lot more precise with their attacks. You definitely don’t get the same sense of smashysmashy as you do while playing the barbarian, there is a definite sense of control to the fight. You’ll feel it when you start using your skills, teleporting around the screen to take out the more dangerous targets first or using your heal or aoe blinds to save yourself or your teammates when things are getting desperate.

Compared to the ranged options, the melee classes have a much more immediately visceral presence, right from the start as you smash them with your weapons or your fists so if you want the feel of immediately beating things to death, you may want to consider being either the barbarian or the monk as your first choice.