The Changing State of Rage

I’ve been thinking about rage lately.

Not deep and philosophical musings about the nature about emotions and their purpose in our lives but that little red bar that lives under our little green bar that we seem to be spending an awful lot of time staring at (or different colors and numbers depending on your choice of UI modifications).

When I first started playing the warrior, I thought that it was the perfect system for warriors to use as a resource.

It made sense, you know? It fit the aesthetic of the warrior class where you gain the ability to perform more tasks the more angry you get…which is dictated by how often you hit things and how often you’re hit.

Tanking a lot longer though, you see a lot of the flaws inherent in the system.

For one thing, have you ever had to function as an offtank on a boss that wasn’t tauntable? How much fun was that, right? Without being smacked around for 30-40% of your health every other second means that you really don’t have enough rage generation to keep up with threat and you end up falling behind, then the off tank needs to be on top of the threat list but you’re nowhere near it and now all the melee have died and it’s technically all your fault.

These thoughts were sparked by a recent post from Blizzard stating that they might experiment with protection warriors only gaining rage from certain rage generating attacks,

This would alleviate the warrior off tank problem I mentioned just above because they would hopefully have to tweak out the numbers to give us more rage from our attacks to balance not gaining any rage from being hit.

But wouldn’t that just lead to other problems? I mean, in a non-boss situation, you’d be generating the same amount of rage being attacked by one monster as you would from being attacked by a group of six.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I’m tanking an instance, I’m casually slapping at some keys when I’m tanking one mob and smashing my keyboard like a monkey on crack when I’m dealing with five or more.

Using more skills would mean you’re generally expending more rage so…wouldn’t that sort of change lead to a distinct disadvantage when it came to fighting multiple mobs?

On the more positive notes, it would alleviate the upgrade problems, right? You know when you get completely geared up from raids…then your new friend asks you to tank a heroic. And you end up completely starved for rage throughout the whole instance, mobs wandering off left and right until you get desperate and you drop your shield and you slap on another one hander only to have your new healer friend yell at you for being too squishy for a raid geared tank because you’re not really blocking anything anymore…

Fun, right?

With Blizzard and their iterative design philosophy, all we can do right now is hope that they’ll strike a good balance with their newly proposed system.

You can always help though!

If you’re in the beta for MoP, spend a bit of time with any changes to the rage system that they throw up there and offer some feedback, let them know what you think!

Any other thoughts on our current rage system? Do you like it or maybe can’t stand it?

Let us know!


  1. sittingwarrior says:

    I was think this same thought when i got into beta. So i had a play with current live tanking gear (norm and HC) and DPS gear. The problem i was finding was that with tanking gear <2% hit and 2 expertise i was missing shield slam and auto attacks so rage generation was a little low. I switched to full DPS gear with sword and board and was amazed that i could shield block nearly all the time. I recorded this on your tube.

    That was early beta and soon i will be getting back into beta to try the latest changes.

    my other thoughts on rage was when comparing other tanking classes mechanics, we do struggle at the beginning of fights and 2 tank taunting can be very hit and miss/parry/dodge ^^