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Diablo 3 Inferno Monk Tanking

Continuing with our Diablo adventures, let’s talk about the tanking role within the game in Inferno mode, the highest difficulty. There are many that would state that the tanking role doesn’t really exist in the game as there isn’t really any class in the game that can stand toe to toe with those champion packs […]

Mid Game Monk Build

So working your way through Normal mode isn’t really too challenging. Sure, there might be a couple hairy situations here or there but by and large, the Normal mode seems designed to introduce you to the class that you’re playing and the way the mechanics of the game work. Nightmare mode seems to be where […]

Diablo 3 – Class Overview 1

Alright guys, I think that it’s time to stop ignoring the pink elephant standing in the corner of the room. Yeah, that’s right, Diablo 3. It’s here, it’s out, and with Warcraft in a bit of a stable state while everyone awaits the release of Pandaria, we’re going to be hopping over to the other […]

The Changing State of Rage

I’ve been thinking about rage lately. Not deep and philosophical musings about the nature about emotions and their purpose in our lives but that little red bar that lives under our little green bar that we seem to be spending an awful lot of time staring at (or different colors and numbers depending on your […]