Monk/Brewmaster Abilities Part 1

Well now, isn’t there just a ton of Mists of Pandaria information floating around out there?

If you’re like me, I’m sure that you’re a little bit overwhelmed but worry not! We’ll get you up to speed on the latest tanking class that will be joining our ranks with an overview of some of the abilities that the Monk, and more specifically, the Brewmaster, will be bringing to the party.

We won’t be covering every single ability that they have available in this two part article, but we’ll go over the broad sweeps of the class to get a bit of an idea as to what kind playstyle they’ll make available to you.

So glancing over the classe’s baseline abilities, we immediately see the dynamic between energy and chi. There are a number of abilities that cost energy and generate chi for you to use. Energy appears to be the same as the rogue and druid resources while chi seems to function sort of like death knight runes with the exception that they appear to only be generated through hitting with various abilities.

Alternatively, there are some abilities that cost a certain amount of chi and then refund a smaller amount on use.

One example of an interesting utility skill is Disable where you can stack it on a target up to three times, each stack increasing the clow until the third stack ends up rooting the target for 8 seconds.

Another example of a utility skill is Quaking Palm which strikes a target and CCs them for 4 seconds or until they’re hit again. Such a skill would be essential when it comes to controlling loose adds or to prevent something nasty from tearing off the face of your healer.

Monks also have interesting variations of the classic skills such as Spear Hand which serves as the Monk’s version of the spell interrupt. What makes this intersting is that it’s a conditional attack. If used against a target while they’re casting, it will cancel the cast and lock them out of that spell school for 5 seconds, pretty typical of an interrupt. However, if the opponent is facing you when they get interrupted, they’re also locked out of all of their spell schools for the duration instead of just one.

Another interesting ability that can prove to be extremely situationally useful is the Touch of Death, overdramatic name and all. This ability comes with a decent cooldown of a minute and a half and costs 4 chi to activate but the description reads that it will instantly kill any non-player target that has equal or lower health than you. While all of the ramifications of the ability are a little unclear at this point, the wording suggests that it might also be usable on the pets of pesky warlocks and hunters and the like which could prove to be an incredible advantage in the PvP areas, not to mention troublesome adds and monsters one might run into in the world.

That’s it for the overview of the baseline Monk abilities so check back next week where we dig into the specifics of the Brewmaster, the tanking spec for the upcoming Monk class in Mists of Pandaria.


  1. Zack Baywood says:

    Hello all!

    I know that this site is all about tanking, but I just wanted to point out that the wow monk is a hybrid tank/healer/DPS class. It is not expected to be as effective as a tank compared to a warrior or druid but will be a absolutely fantastic solo class much like the paladin.

    Can’t wait!