Early Expansion Preparation!

Witness the signs of the coming apocalypse.

There are no more content patches planned to be released in the current iteration of the game.

The rate of subscribers deciding to take a break until the next expansion is released to sort of give themselves a chance to recover from burnout.

There’s a progressive buff in the current dungeon that opens up the content of the final raid dungeon to a wider portion of the population.

All signs that point toward the upcoming release of another expansion.

These pre-expansion blues are hitting yet again, ladies and gentlemen and just as with the upcoming release of Cataclysm, there’s a lot of preparation to be done if you’re planning to continue onward into the Mists of Pandaria.

In this preliminary phase of expansion preparation we’ll be taking a look at some of the more long term preparations. Given that the next expansion has yet to be given a release date or even a beta test, it’s definitely not something that will sneak up on you but still, there are some things that we want to do that require a bit more time for preparation.

The foremost among them is to decide what the hell you’re going to want to play once it hits.

In the case that you’re happy with your current class and have no real urge to change what you’re doing, your job is pretty simple. If you haven’t done so already, start putting together as strong a DPS set as you can. The reason being that levelling as a tanking spec, while it heavily favors survivability, usually tends to be quite a bit slower than levelling as the damage specialization and given the option for dual spec, there’s really no reason not to have that set up. Doing so will allow you the option of tanking the new instances when you need to but also not being disadvantaged when it comes to solo levelling.

On the other hand, maybe you’re not happy with your current class. Maybe you have tank envy for another class or maybe even you’re just plain tired of your class altogether.

If that’s the case, this is what the early preparation is for as the advance warning will give you plenty of time to level up a new alt of something that you want to try out and get it prepped and geared up in time for the expansion.

If you happen to already have an alt that’s mostly ready, then all the better as it means that you won’t need nearly as much time to be ready.

The expansion changes, more than any other time during the game serve as good opportunities to swap out what you’re doing to prevent the burnout that hits so many of us when we’re forced to play any single class/role for too long at a time.

Though it may seem a bit early to consider, keep these things in mind as you play in these final days, really think about whether you’re still enjoying the class you play and if you can stand being it for yet another expansion.

If you find yourself getting overly stressed or frustrated while playing, I would highly recommend moving away from tanking for a while, maybe even move away from tanking as your main role for the length of the next expansion to help keep things fresh.


  1. Justanothertank says:

    The only real preperation I’m doing is getting a bit of gold ready to level proffesions, buy the new riding skill and whatever. I reckon I should start out with some 100K gold, so it’s a little far away :-)

    But I find that I level faster as a protection spec’d warrior in damage gear than I do fury spec’d, so I’ll just optimize my protection spec for leveling when MoP hits and then when I’m level capped I’ll spec back to a more tanking oriented build. A good leveling strat is pulling as many mobs you can (or as the quest requires), burst one down (use your stuns or surviablity cooldowns) and then just start victory rushing and AoEing :-)

    Specially in low-end gear (leveling gear) I find that my protection spec does far more AoE damage than those silly fury or arms warriors. Granted, arms got bladestorm, but he can’t handle half the mobs I can. And with vengeance, after a few hits you’ll really start seeing numbers.