Do you dare to look different?

You know, with the inclusion of the new (now fairly old!) Transmogrification system, I’m kind of surprised by the fact that I still see people wandering around showing the fairly bland and generic armor sets that Blizzard put together for them by just putting the more attractive stats on them.

Aren’t these people tempted? Isn’t there the smallest spark of originality left in the general player base?

I’m really surprised that more people don’t take advantage of the appearance customization with more abandon.

I can’t really speak for the all of us but generally speaking, in my day to day WoWtime, the majority of the transmogrified warriors and players I see have a tendancy to follow fairly closely with the various tier sets.

Now, granted, those tier sets are generally designed to be pretty visually appealing but for the first time in the history of the damned game, you can look however you want without any penalty to your utility and usefulness in your day to day daily questing and dungeon spelunking. It’s really a wonder that more poeple don’t take advantage of it and push the boundaries of what’s socially acceptable a little.

You should be more creative! You should stray far off the beaten path and try to find an outfit that nobody’s put together before.

Now, granted, given the huge population of the game, it’s going to be a little hard to be completely original, I’m sure that the most of the obvious gear combinations have been tried already but that might be the more mainstream ones.

I defy you to try something ridiculous. Go out there and try to get your hands on the absolute ugliest item combination you can possibly imagine. Keep in mind that it’s not necessarily a bunch of grey items that will yield the ugliest results but more like, a really bad combination that will do it for you.

Go out there and experiment!

Pick your favorite color and do your best to slap together a nice looking set that uses only those colors. Have YOU ever seen someone wandering around that’s just a big red blur as they pass by you? I doubt it…or if you have, I’ll bet that you could do better if you put just a little thought and effort into it.

So why not try? What’s stopping you? I mean, hell with the end of yet another expansion nipping at our heels, it’s really not as if there’re that many things left to do in game other than to farm for that last elusive piece of gear that you’ve always wanted or to raise another alt in preparation for the next expansion.

Live a little! Unleash the hoarder within and go out there and expand your wardrobe in preparation for future endeavors!


  1. I actually found a set of plate in the mid 40s that matched my heirloom shoulders and chest just about perfectly. Nice, classic light grey that actually looks like plate armor in the real world. Makes my tank easy to see in instances.

    On my main rogue I use the Valorous Bonescythe set from Naxx 25 just because it’s black and mean-looking and instead of smoke pouring out of the shoulders, there are more daggers.