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Overview of the Brewmaster

So with the NDA on the Mists of Pandaria expansion lifted, a LOT of information is floating around out there on the net for the hungry masses. So what’s out ther that we should be concerned about? As mentioned in a previous article, one of the big questions facing a lot of us with the […]

Early Expansion Preparation!

Witness the signs of the coming apocalypse. There are no more content patches planned to be released in the current iteration of the game. The rate of subscribers deciding to take a break until the next expansion is released to sort of give themselves a chance to recover from burnout. There’s a progressive buff in […]


Do you dare to look different? You know, with the inclusion of the new (now fairly old!) Transmogrification system, I’m kind of surprised by the fact that I still see people wandering around showing the fairly bland and generic armor sets that Blizzard put together for them by just putting the more attractive stats on […]