Things Taken for Granted

In the aftermath of all of the boss strategies and the hopeful fall of Deathwing I think that we need a bit of a break away from all of the seriousness.

Let’s take a step away from all of the serious topics and maybe even take half a step away from WoW even.

There’re a large number of things in WoW that I think most of us take for granted. I mean, yeah, there are a whole lot of issues that we may see as effecting us negatively that we wish were different but over time, over years, there are things that we just sort of assume is there and always was there.

Isn’t it funny how it’s only after such things are taken away that you even notice their presence?

Seeking a bit of a break from WoW, I wandered over into a galaxy far, far away and gave Star Wars: The Old Republic a bit of my attention, just for a change of pace.

Do you have any idea how easy we have it fighting dragons and riding on dragons and getting help from dragons (there are an AWFUL lot of dragons on WoW, isn’t there?) when those poor shmucks from the future don’t even have half of what we have?

I know that leading your raid can feel a lot like you’re herding a bunch of cats at times but think about how hard it would be if there wasn’t a threat meter. Not a single one. There was no way to measure how high on that aggro list you were.

Granted, that’s how WoW used to be. Back during old school Molten Core runs, our only real measure of threat was “wait for three sunders,” but times have changed so much since then that those of us that actually remember those times feel a little like the old grandpa on the porch when we get some new player in the raid that’s only started with Wrath or Cataclysm.

And damage meters. Don’t even get me started on those. I know, it’s more of a quality of life and after analysis change than anything else but the best Star Wars folks can really do to see which build works better than another is “I feel that this is doing more damage.”

You may be sitting there telling me that you’re perfectly fine without either of those things, that you real tanks don’t need damage or threat meters to do their jobs properly.

How about macros? Do you like those macros. Well, Star Wars doesn’t have em.

I know. About three quarters of us threw up our hands in outrage while the other quarter, the weekend tanks and the casual alts just blinked and said, “but I don’t USE any macros.”

So think about everything that you have and thank the gods that you have em.

Or, if you want to try take a walk into the unruly wilds of a relatively freshly released game, grab Star Wars and think about how much you miss WoW when you’re all up there with your lightsabers and blasters in space.


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