Tanking the Madness of Deathwing Part 2

Sorry for the huge delay but a slew of computer problems kept things nice and hectic at the start of the week!

…But who cares!

Anyway, when we left off last week, we were all knee deep in tentacles, tentacles, tentacles and some corruptions with no real way to make sense of it all so let’s take a look at that now.

The general kill order will be to burn the Mutated Corruptions then the Elementium Bolts, dealing with the smaller tentacles/bloods as they pop up and throwing whatever damage you can onto the wing or arm tentacle whenever you can.

There should be a fairly heavy burn put onto the Mutated Corruption as soon as it spawns so do your best to hit it with a high burst of threat right from the start and keep your taunts ready in case someone accidentally pulls it off.

If it hits you with the Impale, your offtank should be ready and waiting to snag it off you and you should burn a defensive cooldown to ensure that you don’t die to the Impale hit.

The bloods and the Corruption are affected by AoE attacks so when those pop, try to tank them next to the wing/arm so that the extra damage splashes onto it but the Blistering tentacles are NOT affected by AoE, so positioning them next to the major tentacle is not quite as important.

The various dragon aspects provide buffs and assistance throughout the fight but you lose their respective assistance as you clear their platform so go over what they do for you and decide with your raid which order to do them in. You need to play to your strengths. Maybe your raid is packed with AoE healers in which case, you’ll be alright freeing up Alexstrazsa early or maybe your raid is better at handling spike damage in which case, you can probably afford to free up Nozdormu first instead.

Handle the platform order according to what your raid is better at handling and you should manage to get to phase 2 before long as each platform is a repeat of the previous ones with minor variations.

The final phase of the fight has you attacking Deathwing himself atop Ysera’s platform with him starting at 20%. This is an extremely hard burn phase so as you enter the phase, keep careful track of your defensive cooldowns and try to stagger their use so that you can have at least something helping to keep you alive as long as you can.

There will be two types of adds in this phase; a wave of smaller Fragments which should be burned down and two Terrors which do a large amount of damage and stack a debuff which deals an even more ridiculous amount of damage per second, per stack (30k!). You can slow the stacking damage by tanking within the sphere of Nozdormu’s Time Zone but even then, you’ll still be taking a huge amount of damage over time so as mentioned, do your best to make sure that SOMETHING is running on you at all times to keep you alive long enough for your raid to burn them down.

Once those two waves are done, it’s going to be a straight burn on the boss, ignoring any future waves of adds so do your best to help out with that, keeping the boss debuffed as best as you can as well as maybe tossing out an aoe taunt if the next set of Fragments spawn to keep your damage dealers alive to eke out that last little bit needed to take the dragon down.

It’s a pretty hairy fight but stick with it and you’ll come out on top!