Tanking the Madness of Deathwing Part 1

Alright, so we’re finally here, sitting there facing the last boss of the expansion.

As you can probably imagine, being the final boss of the expansion, it’s a very complex fight and there’s an awful lot going on at once. It can be a lot to take in at once so as before, with his spine, we’ll be covering the fight in two phases, the first going over the abilities and attacks that you’ll see during the fight and the second dealing with the strategy.

The encounter takes place on four large platforms, each with a couple mobs and a dragon aspect. Each of the four dragon aspects grant every member of your raid a unique buff which will all have a part to play and we’ll deal with those as we come to them.

On the four platforms, you’ll run into large tentacles called Mutated Corruptions which will need to be tanked. They use two primary abilities which is one called Crush which will target someone randomly and deal damage in a cone toward them as well as one called Impale which cast on it’s current target (probably you!) and will deal a huge amount of of damage after a bit which has a fair chance of one-shotting even you so there are cooldowns to consider when it comes to getting around this.

While this is going on, Deathwing use an ability called Elementium Bolt which does a large amount of damage to everyone in the raid. As with many abilities of this type, the farther you are from the point of impact, the less damage you’ll take from the Bolt but it can still be dangerous if you’re not careful about keeping your health topped up.

Keepin in mind also that this Bolt can be killed to prevent the damage it deals.

Following the Bolt, Deathwing will spawn a number of smaller adds called Regenerative Bloods. These can and should be killed as soon as possible as they stack up a DoT as they attack which is capable of becoming very scary if they’re not dealt with in a timely manner.

Everytime a Wing or an Arm loses 25% of its health, it’ll spawn a wave of small tentacles which also stack up a DoT effect so these should be killed as quickly as possible, much like the Bloods. These tentacles have the strange effect of being immune to AoE type attacks so they’ll have to be killed off one by one as quickly as possible.

After a certain amount of time has passed, Deathwing will start up his final ability which will take one minute to cast.

Your raid has that time to finish off the Wing or Arm tentacle before the world explodes in a wonderful ball of fiery death so you’ll need to really push that damage to get it done on time.

Once it’s dead, your raid will have to hop onto the next platform and start the process all over again.

Stay tuned next week where we go over how these disparate elements will come together to form your latest headache.