Join the team!

Hi folks,

We have some plans for TankHard and that includes adding more content! Thus, an exciting opportunity is on the table for the right candidates.

As Mop comes closer each day, we’re looking for knowledgeable gamers interested in developing a relationship with an established organization that has a long, stable history of providing the world of Warcraft fan base with consistent content. Specifically, we are looking for individuals OR groups/guilds that have the desire and the means to develop content in any of the following areas:



-Class guides
-Role guides
-Theory crafting

If you’re interested in joining the tankhard community, or would like to hear more/discuss more about what we have planned for the future, contact us today using the “contact us” link in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

Please include what type of content you are most interested in providing, a short description of your gaming experience, and the best time/date/method to contact you.



  1. Alex Meade says:

    Hey it’s Paralithic/Paralyze from ze Windrunner server. I’m overly familiar with rogues, how to dps, how to manage threat, how to rogue-tank… yeah you read that right =-P Also have an 85 Prot warrior, I’ve tanked heroic’s and MT’d LFR and previous teir content. For the record my rogue tanked T=13 content… Tank went down somehow with Morchok @ 14%, Rogues make good lucky meatshields.