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Tanking the Spine of Deathwing Part 2

  Last week, we spoke of the components that make up the fight atop Deathwing’s spine so now we’ll push onto how these elements come together to make up the fight. At the start of the encounter, the group will want to kill off three of the four corruption tentacles, with the tanks temporarily holding […]

Tanking Spine of Deathwing Part 1

Moving onto the big bad himself of the expansion, we come at last to some of the most interestingly designed encounters of the expansion and perhaps the game. The fight with Deathwing will last through two entire boss encounters at the end of the Dragon Soul instance, the first of which we’ll be covering today […]

Tanking Warmaster Blackhorn

Welcome to Warmaster Blackhorn! Engaging with this encounter will remind you a lot of the airship battle from way back in Icecrown Citadel. Similar to that fight, one of the big things that you need to watch out for is that the ship that you’re on, the Skyfire, has it’s own HP bar and if […]

Tanking Ultraxion

We come to Ultraxion, the fifth fight in the Dragon Soul raid instance. This is a fight that follows a fairly stable formula throughout with only a few small quirks to mar the simplicity. The fight swaps in and out between the Twilight realm and the regular realm, with the switching being handled by a […]