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To Panda or Not to Panda

So…pandas huh? Who saw that one coming? With the release of the new expansion, I’m sure that most, if not all, of us will end up picking it up and immersing ourselves in the world and the lore behind the pandaren. As with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, there is also the matter […]

Tanking Macros Revisited

As it’s been a fair while since we’ve last touched on the topic, it seems about the right time to return for another look at macros and their applications when used during tanking a difficult (or farmed!) encounter. Revisiting some old points, the main benefits when it comes to formulating various macros for tanking comes […]

Upcoming Epic Gems

With the 4.3 patch looming just over the horizon, I hope that you guys have taken advantage of the interim to stockpile your supply a gold just a tad as there’s something coming out with this expansion which will need a fair bit of it. Epic gems will be coming out with this next patch […]

Speculation: Tanking Legendary

How many people found themselves a little disappointed when that patch note was released about the next legendary item only to find that it wasn’t a tanking item? And, as a point of fact, was about as far from a tanking item as you could get? It was a hard blow to be sure. We […]