Tanking Yor’sahj


As we move onto the third boss of the Dragon Soul raid encounter, we really see them rachet up the complexity of the fights to a startling degree.

You’d think that they’d give us at least one more boss to acclimitize or something!

But nevertheless, let’s dive right in.

The third boss is Yor’sahj and it’s a bit of a pain.

The boss himself has a single mechanic to watch out for which is a stacking DoT effect. This is taken care of easily with the standard practice of swapping between the main and the off tank periodically depending on your raid and what your healers are comfortable taking care of.

The fight really gets complicated as he will periodically three different colored “bloods” that look like giant oozes that spawn at the edge of the room and move inward towards the boss.

Each ooze will allow Yor’sahj to cast a different ability and only one ooze can be killed per wave so at any given wave of bloods, you’re going to be looking at dealing with two abilities combined that might cause your raid to alter it’s positioning or strategy depending on the situation.

The good part about the fight is that there generally isn’t all that much for you to keep an eye out for specifically as a tank.

Of the various potential bloods that might be left alive to hit the boss, the one thing you really need to watch out for as you tank him is if the green blood is allowed to reach the boss. At that point, since this blood will allow the boss to inflict a splashing AoE attack on a random target with a range of 4 yards, it’s very important that you stay away from other raid members, including your offtank for fear of causing a damage spike that might be impossible for your healers to handle.

The other main thing to watch out for is if either your main or your off tank is a paladin and the blue blood is left to reach the boss at which point, he will summon an add that will drain the mana from every blue bar in the raid, returning it all once it is killed.

If you’re the offtank in that situation, be very cautious and alert. While the paladin tank at the time SHOULD have enough of a threat lead to coast on it until the add is killed, it’s definitely possible that the add is spawned at the worst of times, right when a vital spell or cooldown needs to be hit and the raid is prevented from doing so due to the lack of mana.

When offtanking this fight, or any fight really, keep your taunt ready when you’re not an active tank and your cooldowns close at hand to pick up and hold the boss just long enough to revive your other tank and get the fight back under control.

Best of luck!