Tanking Warlord Zon’ozz

Welcome back to our happy little romp through the Dragon Soul raid instance.

Hopefully, we’ve all had the chance to mop the floor with Morchok a little bit and maybe even land a kill?

In any case, we’ll be moving straight along to the second boss of the instance and pushing onto the fight with Warlod Zon’ozz. He’s a big and shadowy version of the General Vezaxx from back in Ulduar and there’s a lot of movement and turning to be done in the fight so you’ll have to follow the standard rules about tanking/moving around large model creatures.

Zon’ozz is significantly more complicated than the Morchok fight just before him so you’ll have to get your raid to really pull together if they’ve grown complacent over the last little bit.

For the first phase of the fight, there will be a number of things that you, as a tank, will need to keep an eye out for.

The first is a stacking buff on himself which increases the damage he deals to you by 5% every 5 seconds. This is something you really need to watch out for as a bit of inattention can lead to the damage suddenly spiking harder than you’re equippped to deal with, leading to a careless death.

He also does a conal attack that will heal him based on the damage dealt so it’s important to make sure to keep him faced away from any other potential target at almost all times.

His last ability is a flying purple ball that will ‘bounce’ back and forth like a ping pong ball off of raid members, the wall or the boss. This isn’t something that you really need to concern yourself with save at the very start. He’ll spawn the flying purple bouncy in front of him and you need this to head over to wherever your ranged group is standing so start the fight by having the ranged group behind you until the orb spawns and then immediately turn him away from everyone to avoid hitting your raid with the conal attack. The quickest way to accomplish this will probably be to run right through him as soon as the orb has been spawned until he does a 180 degree turn to keep facing you.

Eventually, when your group is ready to move into phase 2, the ranged and the melee groups will coordinate to allow the ping pong ball to hit Zon’ozz where he’ll rush over to the center of the room and do an aoe channel for a while.

The raid should be bunched up with you on the boss so there isn’t much need for tanking so you’d be better of concentrating on higher damage on the boss if at all possible. Remember to make sure that those armor debuffs don’t drop off during this important time and also remember that you have that Shattering Throw to help add to the damage output.

After a bit of channeling time, Zon’ozz will return to phase 1 and repeat the process all over again.

Go through the repeat of phase 1 exactly how you handled it the first time and it should be just fine.

Good luck out there and don’t be discouraged if this second boss takes a little more work. Just put those fingers to keyboards and grind away at him and he’ll go down eventually.