Tanking Morchok

Finally stepping foot into the Dragon Soul raid instance, we start now with the first boss of the encounter which is Morchok.

All in all, this first boss of the dungeon is a fairly easy one, especially given that most of us will be coming off of the more complex fights from the end of the Firelands instance.

Morchok only has a few abilities to keep an eye out for and the fight doesn’t really differentiate too much between the various classes that might comprise your raid so the explanation of the fight will be pretty much the same for everyone, unlike the last few bosses we’ve all dealt with.

When the fight begins, you’ll be tanking (of course) and the rest of your raid will be grouped up behind him fairly close by. This is due to his first ability which is a nova style skill that splits it’s damage between every member of the raid, more damage being dealt to the two closest players to him. These are usually the two tanks so make sure that you’re standing as far inside him as you can to prevent any other member of your raid from accidentally twitching closer and taking the hit in your stead.

Periodically, he’ll toss out a little red bubble on the ground. This is typically not your responsibility to deal with as a tank so just make sure that you stay away from it when it spawns as it will ‘attach’ itself to the players nearest to it and explode, doing more damage the further away the player is from the orb.

There is your standard armor debuff in this fight so as you tank, keep an eye on your stacks of the debuff and coordinate with your offtank to taunt off of you when you feel like you’re taking too much damage for comfort.

Every now and then, Morchok will throw out his final ability where he drags everyone to him then drop a number of fragments along the edges of the path. Shortly after, he’ll throw out his final skill, black blood. It’s pretty hard to miss this when it comes knocking so you’ll have to double-time it to one of the fragments that were mentioned previously and hide behind it until the black blood fades away, at which point, you’ll be back to tanking him as normal.

He does have a bit of a mini-enrage when he hits 20% HP where he attacks a little faster and does a little more damage but talk to your healers, talk to your offtank and make sure that everyone’s ready with their taunts and cooldowns to help out and you should be just fine.

Grab some loot and get ready to move deeper into the instance.