BoE Items

To craft and BoE? Or not to craft and BoE?

That is the question that we really must ask.

With all of the fancy new gear out, not to mention the new dungeons, raids, Darkmoon Faire and the kitchen sink on top of it all coming out to play, it can be a bit tough at times to figure out just which way you want to turn to get your hands on the new items as soon as possible.

There is a question that most of us are asking ourselves at this point.

With all of the new crafted gear released, is it really worth the time, money and/or materials necessary to get them crafted?

True enough, when you see some new upgrades just sitting in the auction house waiting for your money, i can be hard to turn down the temptation, especially if you have a decent amount of expendable cash just sitting around.

At the end of the day, it comes down to a matter of risk assessment. There’s rarely a worse feeling that you can have in the game than to drop a huge truckload of gold on a new piece of crafted gear (whether it’s done through gathering materials or just buying it straight off the auction house) only to have an upgrade drop for that very same item slot with the next boss you kill.

Like many things regarding tanking, it ends up coming down to how you play the game and what exactly you spend most of your time doing.

If you’re sitting right there on the bleeding edge of content, then I would have to push for a yes. If you’re in a cutting edge guild fighting for progression kills and you’re NOT doing everything in your power to eke out every last bit out of your stats, you might want to question whether such an environment is the best fit for you.

Maybe you still raid but you’re not quite as hardcore about it? In that case, I’d advise waiting a bit and weighing the options. If you’re maybe one of the first to have access to upgrades that the new crafted pieces cover, you might want to just hold off and use your money elsewhere. If you’re in this situation and it’s looking like it’ll be a while before you have the chance to grab an upgrade for that slot…you might want to consider investing in the BoE pieces, always keeping in mind that in such cases, the sooner you get them, the more use you’ll get out of them before they’re eventuallyr eplaced.

If you mainly play casually with a much more sporadic raiding schedule, there are actually two ways you can go. If you have the expendable cash, you might as well go for it as your chances of seeing an upgrade for those slots coming your way will be a little more of a long shot. However, if you don’t really raid all that often, you may want to ask yourself if you really need that upgrade all that badly? If perhaps you can make do with what you have.

All good questions to consider, and I hope that you all do or do not snag the new BoE’s according to your own situation and judgement!


  1. Would be great if you could point out the BoE gear you’re referring to! Some of us may not know and would love to drool over it!