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Tanking Yor’sahj

Yikes. As we move onto the third boss of the Dragon Soul raid encounter, we really see them rachet up the complexity of the fights to a startling degree. You’d think that they’d give us at least one more boss to acclimitize or something! But nevertheless, let’s dive right in. The third boss is Yor’sahj […]

Tanking Warlord Zon’ozz

Welcome back to our happy little romp through the Dragon Soul raid instance. Hopefully, we’ve all had the chance to mop the floor with Morchok a little bit and maybe even land a kill? In any case, we’ll be moving straight along to the second boss of the instance and pushing onto the fight with […]

Tanking Morchok

Finally stepping foot into the Dragon Soul raid instance, we start now with the first boss of the encounter which is Morchok. All in all, this first boss of the dungeon is a fairly easy one, especially given that most of us will be coming off of the more complex fights from the end of […]

BoE Items

To craft and BoE? Or not to craft and BoE? That is the question that we really must ask. With all of the fancy new gear out, not to mention the new dungeons, raids, Darkmoon Faire and the kitchen sink on top of it all coming out to play, it can be a bit tough […]