Preparing for 4.3

So with the upcoming content patch about to drop, I’m sure that a lot of us are just raring to go. Are you all set to invade the Dragon Soul and punch Deathwing in the face?

…If you didn’t catch that reference, there’s a certain quest in the Badlands that you missed that you MUST go back and take a look at.

So with the patch ready to drop, there are a number of things that you can be doing to get ready for it. They’re the same things that we go through with every major content patch but it doesn’t hurt to recap on some of the procedures that will make the transition a little easier.

First things first, if we’re not already, we should be taking this time before the big patch to gather resources. The first thing you’re going to want to gather a bit of is some extra gold. There’s no telling what need you might have for a bit of extra gold when a new patch drops. There are either new crafting patterns to take care of or the raid progression can take quite a toll on the consumables. Making sure to have a bit of extra cash flow before each big content patch can help to smooth some of the unexpected rough patches.

On that note, the other thing that it would be good to stock up on are consumables and the materials to make them. Especially in the wake of the inevitably higher number of deaths and wipes with new boss encounters. Having the extra materials on hand will save you the time and ease up on your burden when you unexpectedly run out and have to farm more.

Not having to take the time to farm up or burn cash to gather up more flaskand potion materials can make it easier on your raid nights, take away a stress factor that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

These can help you indirectly but the biggest boost to your progression on the eve of a new content patch comes from building up an alt or two.

With the new patch comes a big batch of new pieces of gear that you can buy with points. Normally, you’re limited by the weekly points limit. You can only buy a certain amount of pieces at any given week due to the limit of how many points you can gather but if you have a couple of alts that are capable of running the heroic dungeons, you can use them to farm up points alongside your main and then use them to buy a few pieces.

While there are a lot of pieces that are Bind on Pickup, there are also a number of pieces that are Bind on Equip. While they may be upgrades for your main, most of the bigger upgrades will be the BoP gear. So while your main buys the BoP gear, your alt can gather the points to buy the BoE gear for your main, letting you gear up the important character much quicker.

So start farming up and get ready with those alts because as soon as the Dragon Soul content patch drops, we’ll be jumping right back into helpful hints for the monsters and bosses that you’ll encounter therein.