To Panda or Not to Panda

So…pandas huh?

Who saw that one coming?

With the release of the new expansion, I’m sure that most, if not all, of us will end up picking it up and immersing ourselves in the world and the lore behind the pandaren.

As with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, there is also the matter of the fact that there is a new class available with the release of Mists of Pandaria, the monk class.

Here’s the thing, having gone through his expansion phase a few times now, we can more accurately predict what sort of paths that people will choose to take compared to when the Burning Crusade was first released when everything sort of took everyone by surprise.

So given that a new class will be released that will be able to fulfill the roles of melee dps, healer and tank, what does this mean for us?

Namely, it means that there’s likely going to be a whole lot of people attempting to reroll so that they can play around at being a fat panda or a monk.

If you play really casually without really having a dedicated raiding guild that depends on you to be their tank, all the more power to you. Go out there when the expansion releases and do whatever gives you the most satisfaction, whether it’s powering through to the new level cap or rerolling to try out a panda or a monk class.

If you have an alright raiding guild, to be honest, you’d probably still be alright rerolling when the expansion was released to make yourself a panda.  While you’d be a bit behind everyone else when it came to hitting 90, chances are decent that your guild’s makeup at 90 won’t be the same as it is now at 85 so there should be room to do what you want and still be a reliable tank for your guild as it grows.

If you’re standing on the cutting edge of progression, things aren’t so freeform.

While you’re definitely free to do whatever makes you happy and gives you the most enjoyment, you can’t expect a serious raiding guild to sit there twiddling their thumbs and waiting for you to hit 90 with your new panda so that you can tank for them and they’ll likely fill your spot with another tank who cares more about the guild’s progression than being a pandaren.

In this case, I’d recommend getting your current main to 90 as your first priority so that you can assist your guild as soon as they scrape together enough 90’s to start raiding and start levelling your new panda or new monk on the side.

Hopefully, it won’t take all that long for you to pop him up to the max level and with a bit of sweet talk, you should be able to switch out your old tank for your new fat bear and everyone will be satisfied.