Upcoming Epic Gems

With the 4.3 patch looming just over the horizon, I hope that you guys have taken advantage of the interim to stockpile your supply a gold just a tad as there’s something coming out with this expansion which will need a fair bit of it.

Epic gems will be coming out with this next patch and the standard conventions will apply in this case.

As it’ll take a bit before there’s a good supply of them flooding the market, for those of us not funded by the guild bank or not sitting on the bleeding edge of progression content might want to hold off a bit before buying to allow for the price to go down a bit.

For the few of us that will need those gems right as they come out, I can see your wallets crawling off into a corner to commit suicide now as they WILL be expensive. If you’re main tanking for your guild, you’d have a decent argument towards getting your guild gems donated to you as you get upgrades in the new instance and if you’re not, well, best of luck to you.

When it comes to the gems themselves, we’re going to see a bit of a shift away from what’s been established thus far.

As of now, we’re likely primarily focusing more on Mastery than stamina as with enough gear, we come to the point where we don’t NEED to toss on more stamina in the form of gems.

With new content out though, that’s a gemming strategy that you definitely might want to consider.

Given that Stamina and Mastery will be the gems of choice with a tiiiiny emphasis on stamina for the time being, given that nobody’s really used to the new content coming out and a bit more of a health pool cushion wouldn’t be a bad idea.

As such, the gems you’re going to want to slot in first will be either the Solid Deepholm Iolite (+75 Stam), Fractured Lightstone (+50 Mastery), or Puissant Elven Peridot (+25 Mastery and +37 Stam).

Select your gems trying to match those socket bonuses whenever possible but skip it if the bonus isn’t that high or if it’s something that you don’t really need.

As the raid progression continues with the new instance, we’ll once again see a move away from having to gem for stamina and shifting again more into a Mastery > Parry mindset but at the beginning, the extra HP can really be make or break so be wary and don’t neglect that extra stamina until you’re confident that you don’t really need it.