What the Raid Finder Can Do for You

Patch 4.3 will be unveiling the implementation of a new system called the Raid Finder.

Similar to the introduction of the Dungeon Finder before it, the Raid Finder is intended primarily to help those that do not really have access to a steady group of core players to raid on a regular basis.

If you’re the main or offtank for a steady raiding guild, you might be asking yourself now as to what good the Raid Finder will do for you and, if in fact, there’s anything you can really do with it at all.

The most obvious benefit is gear upgrades in addition to your regular raiding schedule. This means that if you have more time to try hunt for that one specific upgrade for a slot that never drops in the regular or heroic raid instance, you can always invest in some time in the Raid Finder and go at it to your heart’s content until it actually drops, at which point, it should tide you over until you end up lucky in your regular raid.

Second is that, again, because it doesn’t follow the rules for any of the raid lockouts, you can actually form up your full 25 raid and use the no-lockout dungeon to gain some extra practice time on a boss you might be struggling with. Now, Blizzard has actually stated that the Raid Finder instance will be tuned down to accomadate for the potential lack of communication between players from differing realms but at the very least, it’ll help your group get accustomed to the mechanics and the ebb and flow of a fight. Once your group is comfortable with that aspect of it, heading into the normal raids and dealing with a bit of a damage boost to various abilities will be only a slight adjustment more isntead of struggling to deal with high incoming damage as well as various boss mechanics for the first time.

Also, a lot of us have those alts that we’re itching to try out in a raid but never get the chance to due to guild politics preventing you from leaving your main character out during a scheduled raid or lack of interest when it comes to trying to form an alt raid of sorts. With the Raid Finder, this problem disappears as all you need to do is get together a few friends that maybe are in the same boat you are and queue up together. This way, you’ll at least have a few people to watch your back if things go hilariously wrong or you can help each other roll for loot (provided that you’re the same armor class), which will benefit your raid group as a whole in the future.

So get ready and push those Random Dungeon woes behind you as you try out the Raid Finder for the first time and whether it goes swimmingly or horribly, just try to relax and enjoy the new experience.


  1. melinerunen says:

    i think that is a good idea. Also if ure gonna do a new raid, u can use this tool to hearn expereience with that boss so when the time comes to tun with ur guild u’ll know what to do. Or at least know what’s commming on :D