Go and explore!

We come from all sorts of different backgrounds and interests.

As mentioned before, while some of us may come from raiding guilds that have a long history and have seen all of the content that there is to be seen, those of us that do have to remember that not all of us have the same background.

There tends to be a lot of debate in the wake of a patch like the recent one. While a few, those with a long history of raiding, might find it a bit of an affront that Blizzard would make fixes to the content that they struggled so hard to conquer, one has to keep in mind that as the majority of the population has yet to see the large portions of the Firelands raid instance, it only makes sense for them to make changes that allows more people for the chance to take a look inside.

If you happen to be one of the latter, now’s a relatively happy time.

The changes made to the Firelands reduces the difficulty of a lot of the bosses to a large degree. The reduced health pool that the bosses possess makes it so that the damage requirements for the fights aren’t quite as stringent and at the same time, makes it so that the more troublesome phases of various fights don’t last quite as long as they used to, like the burn phases of various bosses.

At the same time, on the other side of the coin, a lot of the bosses had the damage they dealt reduced by a fair amount as well, making the tank and healer requirements a little more lenient.

These changes combined makes the raid instance nearly puggable, provided that one is possessed with a fair amount of common sense and perseverance.

There’s nothing wrong with heading back into the Firelands now that it’s been changed. Not all of us have had the luck of being part of a stable raid in the time that it would take to learn the fights and clear the instance and not all of us have had the time.

But things have changed now. A decently coordinated trade chat pug that has at least a few experienced members should be able to lead their way through the instance so I would highly suggest that you get out there, especially so if you’re someone who hasn’t seen all of the instance yet.

The Firelands really is a wonderfully made instance and it would be a shame if you were to miss out on it when Blizzard has done so much to make it more accessible and enjoyed by everyone.

Grab a few friends, find a few guides and have a good time exploring content that you’ve never seen before.

You won’t be disappointed.