Burnout Revisited

Coming around the bend, we’re all getting to that point again.

It’s about that time when the novelty of new content begins to wear itself out against the incessant grind that it may have taken us to get to this point.

It really doesn’t matter much how our separate guilds are doing; you may be in a guild that’s been clearing all of the instance after a month or two or you may be in a guild that still hasn’t seen Ragnaros in the normal mode encounter yet, it’s about this time that the burnout starts to settle in.

If you’re clearing the instance, maybe you’re tired of killing the same old bosses with no hope of an upgrade week after week. Or if you’re stuck on one of the normal or heroic mode encounters and have been for a while, maybe you’re tired of butting your head up against that wall and have started to ask yourself what the damned point of it all is.

All I can say is to hang in there and know that you’re not alone because we’ve all been there with you.

It’s about now that you can maybe appeal to your guild leader for a change of scenery. If there’s someone else willing to take on that job as a main tank, ask if you can hop onto an alt for all of the farmed content and see how the other side lives for a couple nights. Just stay perfectly willing to hop back onto your tank anytime it’s asked of you and you’ll probably have an easier time convincing them that you need a change of pace.

Try to fill your non-raiding time in WoW with other activities in the game that you might not have fully explored yet. Spend some time in the PvP side of the world or raising an alt on the other faction, or hell, raising an alt on another server just to get away from the familiar faces for a time.

Conversely, consider spending a bit of time away from the game. To be sure, if you’re one of the two primary tanks, it might be hard to get away completely and rightly so. If your guild has worked towards gearing you up faster than the rest to make for an easier learning curve, it behoves you to respect that effort and put in that raiding time but you can spend some time away from the game regardless.

Try taking a break from your daily quests and heroic dungeon grinds and levelling/gearing of various alts. Hop on for your raids and hop right back off when they’re done and spend some time with another game, or a hobby or just grabbing a book and spending some time under a tree in a nearby park somewhere.

It does nobody any good if you stay with your nose to the grindstone long enough for you to burn out completely so cite that as a reason why you can’t be reached to help with the heroics or the alt raid nights and spend some time away.

Come back after your hiatus a bit more refreshed and a bit less feeling the urge to shoot yourself and you’ll feel right as rain.