Tanking Ragnaros Part 2

Welcome back to the tanking of the great, big, fiery guy waiting for you at the end of the Firelands instance. Hopefully you’ve had some fun with the big lug already and let’s hope that we’ll manage to land a kill together.

So last week, we took a break due to the length of the fight and we stopped after that little intermission phase after phase one which should be very familiar to those of you that have taken him on in his original incarnation. You’ve got to wonder a bit what the hell he’s doing when he’s out of sight though, as if he figures that it’s better to take a little break instead of beating on you incessantly.

But I digress.

Moving on to phase two, something new that he’ll toss out at you is an ability he’ll throw out at intervals where he’ll lay down a huge amount of fire across the platform, leaving sections of the platform on fire that definitely does not give you any delicious candy.

It’s not really too special so just keep an eye on it and keep light on your feet.

Additionally, once a minute during this phase, Ragnaros will spawn a bunch of seeds on a number of raid members. As the tank, move with your raid until all of the seeds are placed and again, stay with your raid as you all move to the other side of the platform as the seeds will detonate and spawn adds that must be AoE’d down in time for the next batch of seeds that will spawn.

Arguably, the most important part of this phase is to not get caught at the edges of the platform when his Sulfuras Smash occurs or you might end up getting knocked off of the platform.

Once Ragnaros hits 40%, another intermission phase will occur which is pretty much the same as the first intermission phase save for a couple additional adds. So see the previous article for a refresher and once he returns from wherever he’s taken himself off to, we’ll have our final phase for the normal encounter.

During this final phase, he will still use his Sulfuras Smash and his Engulfing Flames so keep an eye out for them and avoid them accordingly.

His new ability here is when he begins to spawn large meteors that begin to chase people around. The problem is that as the phase goes on, more and more meteors begin to spawn, functioning as a soft enrage for the phase as eventually, there won’t be the room to avoid them anymore.

Keep your eye on the ball and on all of the other very large balls wandering around. Even if a ball isn’t chasing you directly, if someone foolishly runs a little too close to you while being chased and has the misfortune of being caught, that’ll spell the end for you as well so keep those eyes open and best of luck with this final encounter.