Archives for September 2011

Best use of set bonuses

With the details of the next big content patch making its way to us in little spills and trickles, I’m sure that a lot of us perked up when they finally released information pertaining to the new set bonuses that we can expect to see on the tier gear that will be obtained from the […]

Go and explore!

We come from all sorts of different backgrounds and interests. As mentioned before, while some of us may come from raiding guilds that have a long history and have seen all of the content that there is to be seen, those of us that do have to remember that not all of us have the […]

Burnout Revisited

Coming around the bend, we’re all getting to that point again. It’s about that time when the novelty of new content begins to wear itself out against the incessant grind that it may have taken us to get to this point. It really doesn’t matter much how our separate guilds are doing; you may be […]

Tanking Ragnaros Part 2

Welcome back to the tanking of the great, big, fiery guy waiting for you at the end of the Firelands instance. Hopefully you’ve had some fun with the big lug already and let’s hope that we’ll manage to land a kill together. So last week, we took a break due to the length of the […]