Tanking Alysrazor


Alysrazor is the next boss on our list and much like Rhyolith before him, as a tank, you spend a large portion of the first part of the fight not dealing with the boss directly. Instead, as a tank, you will be primarily dealing with the various adds that Alysrazor will spawn as it flies around in the air.

While the birdy floats around, there will be a number of adds that you will be responsible for keeping under control.

The first type of add you’ll run into are Blazing Talon Initiates. While these don’t necessarily have to be tanked per se, keep in mind that these adds will be dropping patches of fire along the ground that should be avoided as well as casting a spell that needs to be interrupted so if you happen to have an interrupt free and are nearby when one of them starts to cast, don’t be afraid to take a few steps over to make sure that the cast doesn’t go off.

Your primary concern during this phase will be taking care of the little hatchlings that will spawn by the center of the room. As they spawn, you need to make sure that you’re the closest target to them so that you’ll get a buff that allows you to do 1000% more damage to them as primarily, you’ll be the only one responsible for burning them down before the second phase starts. You’ll also need to cart them around the field and move them over the little Lava Worms that appear. The worms deal a bit of aoe damage where they stand but having the hatchlings eat the worms will put a stop to that, giving your raid more safe room to move around in.

Once enough time has passed, Alysrazor will stop flying high up in the sky and come closer to the ground. Alys will start spawning various tornados that will move around the room. During this time, you’re only real priority, along with most of your raid is to avoid the tornados as best as you can. Try to keep an eye out and don’t get locked into tunnel vision on avoiding one tornado that you completely miss the other one moving up on you from behind.

As you move to avoid them, keep in mind that as with many other spells, often, the effective area of the spell is larger than the what it looks like and try to give yourself that bit of extra space to buffer yourself accordingly.

Once Alysrazor gets tired of playing around in the sky, she’ll drop down which is when your group will be set on burning her down as much as possible. During this period, you’ll be busy with a new type of add that will appear, a Blazing Talon Clawshaper which channels a spell that makes her recovery time on the ground a lot shorter.

As your group will largely be concerned with taking off as big a chunk of Alysrazor’s HP as possible, you will be the main person responsible for interrupting these adds.

Once Alys hits 50 Molten Power, she’ll stand up and it becomes a fairly simple tank and spank phase with the caveat of a stacking debuff on you and a LOT of tank damage.

Communicate well with your healers to synchronize cooldown usage to cover as large a time period as possible and switch off with your off tank once you start getting up to around 5-6 stacks or higher depending on your confidence in your healers.

Eventually, she’ll take off back into the air and the phases will repeat, so continue on with your phase 1-2 assignments and you’ll be sure to take the boss down after several attempts.