Tanking Baleroc

Moving onto our fourth boss in the Firelands raid instance, we come to Baleroc.

On the surface, the fight looks to be a fairly hectic one. It is of a similar nature to Shannox where when you walk into the fight for the first time, there seems to be a whole lot going on that makes it hard to keep the fight clean but once you’ve done it a few times and begin to understand how the boss’s own mechanics work against him, it becomes a snap.

So diving right in, we’re going to start with the abilities that actually affect our job as tanks.

The first thing to take a look at is the debuff that he’ll stack up periodically on the tank that he’s pounding on which is Blaze of Glory. This debuff increases the physical damage you take by 20% but also increases your max health by 20%. As well as this effect, everytime he applies a stack of this debuff, he also increases the fire damage that he deals by 20%.

Finally he’ll switch between two ‘stances’ of a sort. The first being Decimation Blade which causes each of his attacks to do either 250,000 or 90% of your health (whichever will hurt you more) and Inferno Blade which causes his melee attacks to deal fire damage instead of the regular physical.

The most hassle-free method of dealing with these interacting mechanics is to have two tanks that are on their toes, ready to swap at a moment’s notice. Designate these tanks as the Decimation tank and the Inferno tank. Allow your Decimation tank to start the fight and let him tank the boss as the Blaze of Glory stacks take him to just over 250,000 HP mark and then let the Inferno tank taunt the boss off him.

From this point, the Inferno tank will be holding the boss during most of the fight with the Decimation tank stepping up and taunting the boss back to him whenever he slips into his Decimation Blade stance. This ensures that your healers have only the minimum amount of HP to keep healed during Baleroc’s Decimation attacks while surviving through his Inferno phases with a healthy margin for error.

Now there is a bit more to this fight, obviously, but thery’re not things that you’ll really need to concern yourself with too much as a tank.

The only other real thing that you need to watch out for are the little Shards of Torment that will spawn periodically. These adds will not only stack another form of debuff on the closest target of their choice, it will also pulse an AoE damage aura that makes it very beneficial for you (as a tank) to be nowhere near it. As a matter of fact, there should really be as few people taking damage from that pulse as possible.

Leave the shards and the management of them to your healers and your DPS teams and you should be right as rain. Just tend to your knitting, taunt off in a very timely manner from your wingman and stay away from the shards as you can and the fight will be over before you know it.


  1. This post could be a little bit longer…
    An attack with the Decimation Blade can not be blocked, but it can be dodged or parryed. The Tanking Position is static and the Decimation Blade has a duration of 15sec. In this timeframe Baleroc use the Decimation Blade 3 times. So the Fight is perfect for the Moonwell Phial. Use it on the begin of the Decimation Blade an hope for a dodge or parry.
    Shield wall is not working for the Decimation Blade, but Ardent Defender is. This is because the mechanic of Ardent Defender is that of a Absorb shield and not a immun shield. The fire damage of the Inferno Blade can be blocked, so spare CD’s like Shield Block for the Inferno Blade phase.

  2. Also, Decimation Blade tanking is best handled by a Feral Druid due to their huge Dodge %, or possibly a DK (He hits you, DS back and boom insta-heal). Paladins have Ardent Defender once, but Warriors are the worst tank for taking Decimation Blades since all we can do is hope we RNG favors us for avoiding it or have healers who are really on the ball.