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Tanking Ragnaros Part 1

At long last, we come to the final boss of the normal Firelands raid instance, Ragnaors. For those of you familiar with his original Molten Core incarnation, this reunion will either be a fun one or something that sends you away screaming, all depending on what type of guild you were in back in vanilla […]

Tanking Majordomo Staghelm

And so, we come to the penultimate boss of the normal mode Firelands raid. Majordomo Staghelm is the final roadblock on your way to facing off against Ragnaros and completing at least the normal version of this instance so grab your shield (or your two-hander…or your big, furry bear behind) and let’s get started. The […]

Tanking Alysrazor

  Alysrazor is the next boss on our list and much like Rhyolith before him, as a tank, you spend a large portion of the first part of the fight not dealing with the boss directly. Instead, as a tank, you will be primarily dealing with the various adds that Alysrazor will spawn as it […]

Tanking Baleroc

Moving onto our fourth boss in the Firelands raid instance, we come to Baleroc. On the surface, the fight looks to be a fairly hectic one. It is of a similar nature to Shannox where when you walk into the fight for the first time, there seems to be a whole lot going on that […]