Tanking Beth’Tilac

The second boss that we’re going to be encountering in here comes after a straight path through a few packs of trash. There’s nothing particularly of note in regards to the trash leading up to the giant spider, simply mark and CC what you can if you want a bit more control or simply have a firm kill order if you don’t really feel the need to CC.

Only only snag you might hit is the pack with the hounds and the one with the lavawalkers. As with the regular packs, just be a little more cautious about keeping one or two of the hounds controlled when you get to them and to ensure that the healers for the lavawalker packs are either kept under a tight control or killed outright at the start.

When it comes to the fight itself, there will be an easy job for a tank and a hard job.

The easy job entails hopping up onto the top of the webbing after Beth’tilac and tanking her up there whilst dodging meteors. It’s pretty straightforward stuff so all you really need to watch out for while you’re up there is her cast of Smoldering Devastation which will be your queue to jump back down to the first level through the hole in the middle of the web. After that it’s just rinse and repeat several times until the phase switch occurs.

The tank on the bottom level is going to have a bit of a more interesting time.

The primary concern for the tank on the bottom will be to hold onto the Drones as they spawn and to kite them a little bit away from the packs of Spiderlings that will spawn. As the Spiderlings can spawn from four potential locations arranged in a semicircle around the room, it can be easy to lose track of the spawns.

As one or two of your DPS should be assigned to the task of dealing with the Spiderlings, don’t be afraid to ask them to keep track of the Spiderlings for you. As the fight can be very hectic and there can often be a whole lot of things on the ground to keep track of, don’t be afraid to give one or two extra people assist powers for the fight and give them a designated mark to use. If you’re having an especially hard time seeing the Spiderlings before they’re on top of you, have them throw a quick temporary mark on each fresh pack as it spawns which will let you see at a glance where they’re coming from and where you should be running to.

Phase two is a simple burn phase with a stacking healing debuff which will require the occasional tank switch while the off tank runs away to reset his stacks before returning to take his turn again.

Keep in mind that as the second phase is a burn phase and there’s a lot of AoE damage going around throughout the raid, do what you can to reset the stacks earlier and more often to give your healers a bit of a break.


  1. My group has about 8-10 pulls on Beth and we’ve only made it to p2 twice. How high are you guys letting the debuff stack before running out? We tried letting it stack up to 8 before swaps but is that too much? Also, regarding the positioning in p2, should the OT stay out of range until the MT has to run out? Thanks!