Tanking Shannox

The first boss that most of us will have encountered in the Firelands is probably going to be Shannox. Shannox is spawned when a prerequisite amount of trash that patrols by the front of the instance is killed, his approach being heralded by the blowing of a hunters’ horns which you will be made aware of via a large and unavoidable emote that will resonate through the instance.

While it’s possible to bypass him and make for another boss like Beth’tilec instead, as Shannox is generally agreed upon by most to be the “first” boss of the instance, that’s what we’ll be covering today.

On the surface, the fight itself isn’t that much of a complicated affair for tanks. While there are three separate mobs to keep track of, Shannox and his two hounds, since Rageface is untankable and goes after whoever the hell it wants, from a tanking perspective of the fight, he can be eliminated as a concern. The most that you can really do about Rageface is to do your best to keep up whatever debuffs you have on him as he wanders around to make it easier for your raid members to knock him out of his Facerage ability (requires the dog to be hit for 30k in one blow).

The main concern for this fight will be the interaction between Shannox and his other hound, Riplimb and the way that you and your partner will be handling them.

This is a fight that requires a lot of mobility from the both of you and as such, it’s important that you find an effective way to communicate your location to the other. What can help a lot in this regard is to utilize that raid icons that you can litter across the field and to set them up around the kiting area in random intervals. This way, you will be able to figure out where your partner is referring to at a glance instead of trying to describe your location according to a fiery rock or next to so and so who may or may not be moving.

The primary responsibility of the tank assigned to Riplimb is twofold. The first is to make sure that there is always a crystal trap between Riplimb and Shannox and the second is to make sure that Riplimb doesn’t inadvertently run over a fire trap shortly before Shannox throws his spear which will lead to Riplimb being immune to traps for a short duration. To this effect, if the raid or the Shannox tank aren’t in dire need of healing throughout the fight, have them do what they can to occasionally pop the fire traps on the field, being sure to blow a personal defensive cooldown as they do to alleviate the pressure on the healers and do this only after Rageface is down. This will allow your raid to keep the field a little cleaner of traps, leading to less situations where Riplimb grabs the spear and takes it straight back to Shannox, ignoring all of your careful positioning as it runs right through a crystal trap without consequence.

As the Shannox tank, be sure to try kite as much as possible as Riplimb returns with the spear if you still need a few extra seconds for your debuff to drop off so as soon as that spear is launched, what you should be doing is moving as far as you can in the opposite direction of it, always keeping in mind that if you don’t want to move them too far apart.


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