Spending Valor Points

Hopefully by now, we’ve all gotten the chance to drop by the Firelands and to pay it a brief visit, whether it was an extended stay where you’re now cleared for the heroic modes or a short hop as you idly joined in a trade chat pug to farm some trash in the hopes of some reputation and BoE epics.

In any case, it’s about this time that we’re going to have to start looking into some idle loot issues that were bound to crop up.

With the inclusion of the new patch, there is the slight issue of just what is the most efficient way to spend those hard-earned Valor points that are starting to trickle in.

Regardless of where you’re at for the moment in terms of Firelands progression, at all walks of advancement, we’re likely still running heroic dungeons for points.

If you’ve been a bit lax about getting to your points cap for the week, keep in mind that even if your guild has everything in the Firelands down pat, there’s still always the chance (no matter how small) that everything that ends up dropping will be gear that you cannot use.

Using the Valor points to supplement your slowly improving gear is a surefire, guaranteed way of grabbing that important upgrade and you’d be silly not to take advantage of it just because the new raid is out. The only problem comes down to just how you want to spend them.

Obviously, one of the first things that everyone’s going to be going after are the tier pieces and rightly so as they’ll likely form the backbone of this tier’s best in slot upgrades. I would offer the opinion then that the best piece to purchase first would be the chestpiece from the vendor. Depending on how lucky you are, a trip to the newly released boss in Baradin’s Hold can yield you either the gloves or the leggings which would be a substantial investment of points that you don’t have to spend at the vendor, especially when there’re so many other equivalent upgrades that you’ll need.

In the interest of efficient spending, I’d recommend grabbing the chestpiece whenever you can and then holding off on buying either the gloves or the leggings until it will complete your 4 piece bonus as that’s when it’ll be the biggest jump to you. While the 2 piece bonus would be nice and all, as you’re likely to be stuck on 3 pieces for a significant amount of time, there’s no point in spending those points when there’s a very real chance that they’ll drop from BH in the meantime, saving you those points for the other upgrades available.

Once you’ve picked up what upgrades you can for your other slots (take a look at the loot tables for the various bosses before you spend and try to weight your purchases towards the slots that you think you won’t be able to replace for a while based on how quickly your group is progressing), you can always go back at that point to pick up that last piece of tier for your 3rd piece while you wait on your group to make it far enough into Firelands to get that final piece of tier.

Finally, take advantage of the BoE’s available at the vendor as well. A lot of us have alts that are more than capable of running at least the regular heroics if not the Zandalari ones. If you aren’t using them to raid for the moment, you may want to consider farming Valor points on those alts as a way to get around the weekly cap and to purchase BoE gear for your raiding main.