Firelands Trash

With the inclusion of the 4.2 patch into the mix, we all finally have somewhere new to play in.

Aren’t you all excited?

By now, hopefully a lot of us have had a chance to poke your heads in there, take a look-see at the various types of trash that you’ll run into, maybe make a run at a boss or two.

The first time we stepped into the place, we went in fairly blind  without much in the way of advance preparation so the various types of trash that we ran into proved to be a bit of an…interesting experience.

As previously stated…new instances are fun aren’t they?

But after a few more attempts, there are a few things that we can all keep in mind so that at least the trash in the instance isn’t quite as strenuous.

The first thing to keep in mind when entering is that instead of having most the mobs as stationary packs, almost all of the trash in the first section of the raid patrols along circuitous paths that can make it a little hard to keep track of them. It’s important when designating and executing pulls that you keep in mind where those mobs are or at the least, which direction that they’ll come from when they come around the bend once more.

Knowing at least where they’ll come from next will let you plan and position your current pull accordingly. Remember to keep your eyes open and to scan around the area as you fight so that even if something does happen to sneak up and catch you by surprise, you’ll have enough advance warning to move your current pack of mobs and your own raid out of it’s path until you’re ready for it.

There are a few specific mobs that have an ability or skill that you’ll need to watch out for:

When it comes to tanking the Molten Lords, keep track of the stacking debuff and trade off tanking it with your offtank until the debuff drops off so that you can take it back. This only really becomes a problem if you accidentally pull an extra pack or so, so just monitor the debuff and taunt back and forth accordingly.

The roving packs of Hell Hounds shouldn’t be AoE’d down as the longer that they’re alive, the harder it will become to keep tanks and raid members alive through their damage. Mark them up as needed, CC what you can, when you can and burn them down one at a time to deal with them.

The Giant scorpion and his litter aren’t too bad for an AoE as long as you keep in mind the fact that they’ll blow up when they die so be sure to either get out of range or to stagger the blasts so that they don’t all occur at once.

The turtle packs are best avoided if you can possibly do so and if you can’t, know that there will be an awful lot of knockbacks going on and position your raid and yourself accordingly whenever possible.

The final tricky batch are the Unbound elementals, a big one and a couple little baby ones at it’s side. All that you need to really do is to kill the big one slowly and work on whichever add is targetted by the big one’s buff.

Best of luck!


  1. For the Molten Lords, the debuff is applied to the person who is closest to the center of his hitbox, similar to Reliquary of Souls. So we found that we could pile all the pets and melee in under the Lord, and as they got a debuff they moved out, and back in when it fell off. Tanks then take none.