Archives for July 2011

Tanking Beth’Tilac

The second boss that we’re going to be encountering in here comes after a straight path through a few packs of trash. There’s nothing particularly of note in regards to the trash leading up to the giant spider, simply mark and CC what you can if you want a bit more control or simply have […]

Tanking Shannox

The first boss that most of us will have encountered in the Firelands is probably going to be Shannox. Shannox is spawned when a prerequisite amount of trash that patrols by the front of the instance is killed, his approach being heralded by the blowing of a hunters’ horns which you will be made aware […]

Spending Valor Points

Hopefully by now, we’ve all gotten the chance to drop by the Firelands and to pay it a brief visit, whether it was an extended stay where you’re now cleared for the heroic modes or a short hop as you idly joined in a trade chat pug to farm some trash in the hopes of […]

Firelands Trash

With the inclusion of the 4.2 patch into the mix, we all finally have somewhere new to play in. Aren’t you all excited? By now, hopefully a lot of us have had a chance to poke your heads in there, take a look-see at the various types of trash that you’ll run into, maybe make […]